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okay i never really wear tight things and my sister bought me these and i think they make my butt look big so i dont know if i like them/if they look good so can i please have your opinions!!! xoxo

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  2. kanyaoi answered: yes but pull them up more u dik
  3. maahammy answered: the black and white one is really nice
  4. 2013americana answered: yes. just yes.
  5. 24hourpsycho answered: so cute
  6. mattsdebate answered: ur perf they look good
  7. stevva answered: tight skirts are the only skirts you look gorgeous your body is perfect why are you even asking bby
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    Id pair them with High heels , that should work
  9. googlebus answered: yeah you look lovely
  10. thisismyveritas answered: How is this even a question Dani, you look phenominal. Perfect butt, look great, etc.
  11. tsuizui answered: they are v nice u r v thin so they suit u congrats did i spell suit wrong
  12. steptoe answered: the hottest
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  14. gamerzanonymous answered: big & banging r 2 different things! yours is bangin! lol xD flat butts r boring & dont feel like butts. who wants to grab a bony butt? noone.
  15. drumrbaxj answered: Wear them.
  16. tendrilposse answered: You look great in both, but the second design’s better (imo)
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  18. paperskeleton answered: I think the flower one looks nice on you! Not sure about the first one.
  19. pok3ball answered: um. you and your body are perfect.
  20. whirra answered: blavk and white ones!!
  21. pergie answered: I say yes, good.
  22. newprescription answered: 10/10!!
  23. workofthebigspoon answered: Datass though <3
  24. tooshies said: h0ttie!!!!
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